Meeting Schedule

Our club has speakers from the local area and beyond to share information, organizations, happenings, and events.  Newcomers and visitors are welcome. We meet at noon on Fridays at the Nebraska Club - 20th floor of the US Bank Bldg. 233 S. 13th. The meal is generally sandwich, salad and soup for $14. Your first visit will be as our guest. Or you may pay $3. for coffee or ice tea. This helps off set the cost of room use. Thank you.

Date Type Title
04/24/2018 Event

Anohter terrific bicycle saftey rodeo. And at the Belmont Recreation Center, all kinds of things are going on including nutrition activity, bike maintenance, gardening by Community Crops and the obstacle...

04/27/2018 Meeting

ANNUAL MEETING AND ELECTIONS - We need your attendance an participation.  Our by-laws require "at least one-third (1/3) of the members in good standing constitute a quorum."  The good...

04/27/2018 Event

Everett K-Kids is a service leadership program led by Kiwanis

04/28/2018 Event

An Interclub opportunity

04/28/2018 Event

EARTH DAY 2018 is being observed in Lincoln at Union Plaza.  Kiwanis member Brittney Albin is on the program.  For additional information check

This is an Ag and...

05/02/2018 Committee

Monthly Program Commitee - The goal - post the following month's programs at least two weeks in advance.

05/04/2018 Meeting

Don't miss this one!  While the topic does not seem too lively, Jim McKee our terrific local historian will have many items of interest.  Maybe he will even have his fountain pen as he writes...

05/05/2018 Event

Another opportunity to assist with a service project at the Zoo.  Help set up, serve and clean up - and have a great time meeting those supporting the Lincoln Childrens Zoo.


05/10/2018 Committee

Regular monthly meeting.

05/11/2018 Meeting

Lancaster County Treasurer Andy Stebbing will discuss the duties and activities of the Treasurer's office.  Lincoln Center Kiwanis appreciates participating in the annual tax lien sale as a fundraiser.

05/17/2018 Committee

Monthly meeting

05/18/2018 Meeting

The Lincoln Indendent Business Association mission is to promote business and keep taxes low.  

05/19/2018 Event

Officers to attend

05/20/2018 Event

Pollinator planting - Should be a great afternoon to get the job done.  Service projects are great and this is another opportunity for Lincoln Center Kiwanis members.

05/25/2018 Meeting

Our own member Leah Kohler with another great activity from the Theatre Arts Kids.


Check out some summaries of recent meetings. 17program.pdf