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June 1, The Golf Tournament! - 06/01/2018
Submitted by: Larry Graham
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We are ready for the 27th Annual Lincoln Center Kiwanis Golf Classic on Friday,  June 1st. If you golf - get a team together! Help secure sponsors. Let Larry know how you can help.

Download the pdf here, or send a message through the "contact" link and one will be sent to you.

Help ELIMINATE Neo Natal Tetanus! - 05/25/2018
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Learn more about how babies contract tetanus and die painful deaths. But you can help! A mother can be protected for $1.80. How can we not help UNICEF do this!?!

Elliott Gardens to get Pollinator plants - 05/06/2018
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Pollinator plants will be added to the center area. This should be a fun event and final plants may be added to the gardens also. Sunday, May 20th from 1-4pm.


Elliott garden pathways Weed Control - 04/16/2018
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Come help in the Elliott garden from 4-6pm on Monday, April 16th. We will lay cardboard covered with mulch in the pathways to slow down the weeds. Anyone can help.