Meeting Schedule

Our club has speakers from the local area and beyond to share information, organizations, happenings, and events.  Newcomers and visitors are welcome. We meet at noon on Fridays at the Nebraska Club - 20th floor of the US Bank Bldg. 233 S. 13th. The meal is generally sandwich, salad and soup for $14. Your first visit will be as our guest. Or you may pay $3. for coffee or ice tea. This helps off set the cost of room use. Thank you.

Date Type Title
02/23/2018 Meeting

Regular meeting.

02/23/2018 Event

Read with English Language Learners

02/23/2018 Event

Den mtg will go to the Children's Museum.

02/26/2018 Event

We do an intense cleaning of the Museum on these days so that we can invite children with immune deficiency disorders to come in the evening without threat of getting sick. We need all the help we can...

03/02/2018 Meeting

Regular meeting

03/02/2018 Event

Everett K-Kids is a service leadership program led by Kiwanis

03/05/2018 Event

Fundrasier - requesting 30 members to participate - Each Club member and (guest - spouse, friend, child over 18, etc.) who participates will earn the Club $100.00 for our Administrative Budget.  Each...

03/06/2018 Event

McPhee K-Kids

03/09/2018 Meeting

Bring your mobile phone to participate in an interactive and electrifying game.  Lots to learn.

03/16/2018 Meeting

Regular meeting

03/17/2018 Event

Annual event 

03/21/2018 Committee

Regular monthly meeting

03/23/2018 Meeting

Get your reservation in early - we will expect a large crowd.  Invitations will be made to others.

03/30/2018 Meeting

Regular meeting

04/27/2018 Meeting

Annual meeting and elections.


Check out some summaries of recent meetings. 17program.pdf